Friday, June 12, 2020

Reigning Cement/ Raining Bullets

Jesse Draxler asked Intensive Care to contribute to his Reigning Cement project, it's up for preorder here

About the concept:

The concept behind the audio portion of Reigning Cement was inspired by an experiment that Draxler participated in a few years ago, in which a group of collage artists were each given the exact same packet of visual assets with which to create a piece. Similarly, Draxler provided each musician on Reigning Cement with the same 34 sonic elements—all recorded in the noisy industrial environment just outside his studio on the edge of Los Angeles. 

About our track:

Bloomer structured Jesse's recordings then I edited (very slightly), reprocessed, and mixed the track,

In keeping with the theme of field recordings we placed a cell phone on the floor of a room and yelled near it, I cut the audio up during mixing to fit.

In keeping with Intensive Care's general themes of voyeurism and the trauma of life in the city the song is about a shooting I was present at ("the only saving grace is we never made eye contact") in November 2019.

Two almost complete Intensive Care recordings are next, one of our standard bass and drums material, one focusing on our more electronic influences.

The pandemic slowed the completion of the first and sped up the impetus to complete the second.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Harm's Way remix

I was very excited to be asked to contribute a remix to Harm's Way - PSTHMN 12" on Closed Casket Activities

Post Human was easily my favourite Angry Guitar record of 2018 and i've been a fan of the band since Isolation was released in 2011.

My goal was to bring out some of the more buried influences in the band's sound to the forefront and create a cold and mechanized military-robots-moshing-in-zero-gravity feel.

Intensive Care new music and shirts

Split 7" with Incinerated is available on Nerve Altar now

and there's a three song flexi available from Holy Mountain Printing that's free when you buy a shirt.

The flexi will be on bandcamp in a month or two packaged with another new Intensive Care record when it's released.

We're currently writing an album for release towards the end of the year, because i'm an idiot i'm teaching myself to play piano because i've decided i want to write everything on piano first. Rest assured it will sound like the same old same old once i transfer it all to bass.

As mentioned above you can buy Intensive Care shirts from Holy Mountain, impress your friends, roll your eyes to the heavens as your co-workers ask uncomfortable questions. Available in colours other than black so you can say "NUH UH!" when your significant other accuses you of only owning one pair of black jeans and 567 black t shirts with b├╝rtal skulls on them.

Do you want anecdotes about the new music?

I met Christoph from Incinerated 20 years ago when Shank toured Australia, they do an incredible cover of an old Shank song on their side of the split.

The Holy Mountain flexi was recorded on a four track cassette deck i found in my neighbours garbage when i was walking my dog about five years ago. All the songs are true tales of woe from my fun working life, PTSD is fun! (It isn't, not at all)

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Tour this month

It's been five years since i played more than three shows in a row, let's see if i can still do this.

I had surgery a month ago and i'm not entirely convinced i'm able to do full vocals in the way i usually do, so if you're at a show and it seems a little more instrumental than you're expecting that's the reason.

In case it's not clear we aren't playing the Cambridge show.

A Removal to Elsewhere

New 5 song EP available now, on every digital platform i've ever heard of (except soundcloud) and a number i'm unaware of.

Tapes are available on tour this month and will end up with the usual suspects after we return.

Lyrically it's about the body outlasting the brain and the brain's awareness of its failings, inspired by family members with dementia and dementia type illness and decades of working in mental health.

Musically the process was different than our other releases; between family and employment responsibilities the ability to get in the same room with any regularity was hard to do for most of 2018, so we worked on materially together, took it away and worked on it individually, then reconvened to add more to the material as a duo and complete the tracks.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Full of Hell/ Intensive Care split 7"

A nod to the Bovine Records approach.

Diprivan was written after another shit day in Toronto's ongoing opiod crisis. Harm Reduction and Housing First forever.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Background Music

Available now on Absurd Exposition, 30 minute tape of recycled synths and field recordings, not entirely removed from the material in Intensive Care that isn't bass/ drums/ vocals.

Unfortunately i can't make this available for streaming/ download currently.