Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Transcendental Power Violence

Column of Heaven, Altars (Music, 2011) from Justin Oakey on Vimeo.

Haven't had time for posting for a while and that isn't likely to change anytime soon

Things currently being worked on:

Blockade/ PHT split 7" (super fi), records pressed, awaiting the artwork being finished off

Column of Heaven - Mission From God 7" (SPHC), written and ready to be recorded, just figuring out the exact line up beyond me and Eric for this release. Two splits need to have the details finalised then i'll start writing them.

Nameless Dread - Coronation of the Beast CD (Crucial Blast) about to be mastered.

a band with 3/5's of the line up of Slaughter Strike is in extremely embryonic stages; if it continues expect a Survivalist release before the end of the year.


Druid Lord - Hymns for the Wicked LP
Nefandus - Death Holy Death LP
Paul Chain - Detaching From Satan 12"
Sick Seed - Great Corrupter LP
Opiate - First Document tape
Youth Korps - 1982 demo
Damnation AD - Kingdom of Lost Souls LP
Inside Out - No Spiritual Surrender 7"
Converge - Jane Doe LP


The Gnostic #4
Metalion: the Slayer Mag Diaries - Jon Kristiansen
GB84 - David Peace
The World of Perception - Merleau-Ponty