Thursday, September 26, 2013

shirts and stuff

Anthems of the Undesirable are selling two Column of Heaven shirts and two resurrected Blockade shirts via mail order


Badskulls still has two Blockade shirts for sale on their site


Money from shirts goes directly back into boring things like buying microphones and recording equipment so we can remain self sufficient. We record ourselves exclusively (like so many bands do and many more should) and we self-release all Column of Heaven material on cassette first; we consider all CoH releases to be licensed from us and do not consider ourselves as being attached to any specific label beyond a mutual friendship.

There are three Column of Heaven records currently at various pressing plants

  • split 7" with Radioactive Vomit
  • Holy Things are for the Holy 7"
  • Ecstatically Embracing all that we Habitually Suppress 12"
We're currently working relatively quickly on our side of the Suffering Luna split LP which will go to press at the end of this year.

In other news i recently quit my job and told my boss to stand aside (my girl, as special as she is, is not even close to 16 though) and went back to school (to a program that will last longer than Column of Heaven), which mostly means i will be occasionally unable to respond to e mails, and news will sometimes be sparse. By the end of this year we'll have played a paltry three local shows anyway, so it's unlikely that our unimpressive amount of live excursions is going to be affected.

The Column of Heaven tumblr is the place for periodic short brain farts that may or may not be relevant to anything. Anything longer/ more in depth will go here. Anything really fucking useless goes on our various instagram accounts (do you like looking at pictures of dogs? beer? dogs in the background of pictures of beer? limited appeal noise releases? limited appeal noise release with dogs sniffing them? limited appeal noise releases next to beer and dogs sniffing one or both items? Then feel free to follow wolfagram and be stunned by the simple minded idiocy of my life).

If there's a Column of Heaven (or Blockade) facebook page in existence then feel free to flood it with requests for mail order and shows in your Slovenian fishing village, hell, i insist...