Friday, September 18, 2015

Generic update

Recently i've spent most of my time studying the work of Pierre Bourdieu. If you're not particularly academically minded, but still like to think about music - in particular our various intentionally isolated genres of choice - in terms of a set of overlapping/ interlocking approaches and not just single releases by single artists that float outside of time and space, as contemporary music criticism tends towards, then i would recommend you read the editor's introduction to Bourdieu's The Field of Cultural Production, it's definitely worth an hour of your time.

In news that really wasn't much of a shock to anyone close to us Column of Heaven gave up the ghost in May, boring adult responsibilities, inertia, and the usual reasons bands stop doing things were the cause of death.

We had a decent four year run considering none of us really had the time to be in a functioning regular band situation.

Eric is busy with Black Iron Prison (download their demo from the link). Billy is gone fishin', Dave continues with Abyss, their LP just came out and it's excellent.

Former member Tyson (guitars on Ecstatically Embracing…) is busy as a tattooist. And Mike, well, Mike is doing this:

I await his Mortuary Drape live looping cover with baited breath.

In terms of my own output, age and academia have curtailed most avenues of activity for me, but Scalp Elevator has destroyed piles of garbage in front of an audience five times in the last four months with only two minor audience injuries reported. There's a second tape due out on New Forces sometime in the near future.

One day i will finally put vocals on the next two Wolves of Heaven releases that i've been sitting on for months.

I'm currently in the slow process of getting ready to record a project that was born out of Scalp Elevator called Intensive Care, it's me on bass and Ryan Bloomer on drums, with possibly a third person on noise and vocals, but we'll see if that comes to anything or if i'm going to end up singing. Expect something by the end of the year, expect no blast beats.

To finish this with the usual lists, reading wise nothing beyond academic work and comic books to cleanse the palette, follow me on Goodreads if you do that kind of thing, link somewhere on this page.


Been on a big Conrad Schnitzler trip for a while
Amorphis - The Karelian Isthmus
Loving everything Ajax is doing
Martin Gore - MG LP
Slaegt - Ilsdvanger LP
Enjoyed the G.L.O.S.S. demo a lot, couldn't see them last night even though they played close by. Such is life.


Mr Robot has been bringing the eye rolls and inadvertent lols in my household, though it's not awful.
Rick and Morty
Mimic 3: Sentinel
The Guest
Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter
Escape from Tomorrow