Saturday, March 7, 2009

Death Agonies

Yeah, we really should be doing other things but we've been working on a bunch of Death Agonies pieces recently.
  • Split C20 with Pig Heart Transplant on Survivalist (Blockade/ Pig Heart Transplant tour in september).
  • Something or other on Brise Cul.
  • Cassette on Cathartic Process (buy the new Bastard Noise behemoth 5xCD set and Bizarre Uproar 2xCS from him).
  • and something on some label by some dude that played a pretty great noise set at Traumatone HQ (Skeeter). No links, i'm as clueless as you probably are.

a minor playlist of sorts:

Bastard Noise - Rogue Astronaut CD

Piss Horn - Hatred Mountain CS

Kathaaria - Complex Void of Negativity LP

Urban Blight - best band in Toronto


Mutus Liber said...

Hatred Mountain is in constant rotation, what a solid jam.