Monday, July 5, 2010

Blockade/ Unearthly Trance split LP

It feels like this has been on our plate forever (and the delays were all on our end); anyway, it's finally available.

Unearthly Trance offer up one side long track about submission to animistic guidance when under extreme duress and we have nine tracks that (as ever) mainly use a backdrop of esoteric thought to explore misanthropy and a willful seperation from the rotten modern era.

Most of the music for this one was written via automatic writing techniques; I basically wrote music in the same way i've been 'writing' noise for the last fifteen years.

And speaking of noise, the first track is a vague nod from us to some of the noisecore greats we grew up listening to and the track "I Just Kill" was written by Slogun which was something we had planned to do for a long time. Originally we were going to do it quite differently and write it in a more musical fashion but it didn't really work and time was not on our side so we took the Death Agonies approach to it. Part of me feels that the casual listener will be easier going with a track on one of our records that sounds like that if it's under the guise of being a 'cover' as opposed to a Blockade track.

Our material on this record gets pretty harsh in places and i'm expecting our overall world ranking on "recommend me some power violence" on tedious message boards from here to rural Honshu to drop dramtically. "In before Ceremony and Trash Talk LOL". More on that later this month.

Our friend Joce did the artwork and layout; you've no doubt seen his work on various Portal releases recently. A dead guy with his pineal gland/ Ajna chakra/ Chokmah/ third eye opening fits both the lyrics of the Unearthly Trance side and the composition of our side perfectly.

Next releases are:

Blockade/ Pig Heart Transplant 7" (Super Fi)
Blockade/ Wadge 7" (Regurgitated Semen Records) - this should have been out before Primitive...
Blockade/ Death Agonies 12" (SNSE)

see how much of a liar i was when i said no more splits?


The WZAd said...

fuck yeah wadge. I will buy all of these.

Andres Wade said...

nolan,this thing was well worth the wait. could be my favorite release of you guys. hasnt left my turntable since it arrived saturday!

Anonymous said...

I`m looking forward to the death agonies split. Is the Bloomer split tape not happening now?

Survivalist said...

the Bloomer collaboration was scrapped and redone from start and is now the Blockade/ Death Agonies 12"

Jorge said...

didn't you mention a compilation of all the old split tracks on one disc at some point? don't get me wrong i love owning all these on vinyl but it's nice to have them in a convenient, portable package.

Survivalist said...

that's still the vague plan; we have to wait until this split is almost sold out

it also requires finding all the tracks from various studios and having them remastered as some of the material missed that part of the process (particularly the warzone womyn split)

it's looking like being a 2 CD at this point and the main obstacle will be if i can be sufficiently motivated enough to get it together

Anonymous said...

split with pig heart transplant sounds like an excellent idea, excited for that.