Friday, February 15, 2013

shows and news and whatever

Column of Heaven and Iron Lung shows

Fri 1 - Vancouver, BC @ Zoo Zhop w/ Osk, Cooked and Eaten
Sat 2 - Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge [secret address] w/ Mutant Video & Nudes
Sun 3 - Portland, OR @ Black Water Records w/  Gag
M 4 - Olympia, WA @ Joey House
Tu 5 - Sacramento, CA @ The Colony w/ Rat Damage, Alarms & Rad 7pm
W 6 - San Jose, CA @ Finca Mission w/ Replica, Permanent Ruin & Caged Animal 5:30pm
Th 7 - San Francisco, CA @ Knockout (21+) w/ Neon Piss & No Love 10pm
F 8 - Oakland, CA @ First Church of the Buzzard w/ Vaccuum, Miscreant, Permanent Ruin & Striations
Sa 9 - Santa Ana, CA @ Unit B w/ Boston Strangler,Rival Mob, Despise You & Hordes
Su 10 - Los Angeles, CA @ Lethal Amounts w/ Boston Strangler, Rival Mob & Knife Fight


Th 4 - Montreal, QC @ Death Church w/ Burrow Owl, SHIT & Vile Intent, over by 11pm
F 5 - Ottawa, QC @ Montgomery Legion [330 Kent St.] w/ SHIT & Rough House 8:30pm
Sa 6 - Toronto, ON @ Soy Bomb w/ Farang & SHIT.

Portland is Eric's birthday, San Francisco is Mike's birthday.

Bring barely drinkable IPAs that we are unable to buy in the puritanical province of Ontario for us to sample in the parking lot under cover of darkness.

Next three Survivalist releases


Ride at Dawn as yet untitled new tape, their best yet, my opinion is not to be trusted though.

Coloniser - Macaulayism C20. Screech thud yell. 70% finished at time of writing, out in March unless i get hit with a massive dose of self criticism again. I have been failing to get this project off the ground for about two years now.


Grief Tourist zine. Alas this won't be ready in time for the shows we're playing in the US. No music talk. Limited copies, of limited interest. Self indulgence at its most crass. An elaborate and totally base level sigil written in zine format.

As ever, all of this will only available at shows, left over copies will eventually go to Analog Worship, Scream/ Writhe, and Crucial Blast after the usual protracted procrastination on my behalf.


To answer the inevitable, why won't you let me send you money for a shirt question, badskulls will be making them available to you shortly.

About all those Column of Heaven records that aren't out

I dunno, spring for both of them? It's out of my hands now.

Next record mostly written.


Grunt - World Draped in a Camouflage LP
Purity Control - Coping 7"
Hatred Surge - Purgatory 7"
Propergol - Paradise Land CD
The Communion - A Desired Level of Unease one sided 12"
Drive - OST 2xLP
Kickback - No Surrender LP
Raw Radar War - Double Equals LP


NickH said...

Yo Andrew, good to "hear from"/read you... was wondering what's good, as they say?

Good luck with all the various projects, looking forward to Coloniser when it's ready. Cool listening, "Drive" is damn good - score compositions by Cliff Martinez I think?

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