Sunday, March 24, 2013

shows/ blah

Thanks to anyone who gave Column of Heaven floor space, wi-fi passwords, rides from airports, booked shows and generally went out of their way to be stand up human beings to us earlier this month.

Particular thanks for anyone that brought us fancy beers, food, or gave us books to read. You are all wonderful people and we don't deserve such kindness.

Photo by Jackie

Next shows:

April 4th, Montreal @ Death Church w/ Iron Lung, SHIT, Vile Intent, Burrow Owl
April 5th, Ottawa @ The Legion w/ Iron Lung, SHIT, Rough House
April 6th, Toronto @ Soybomb w/ Iron Lung, SHIT, Farang

Photo by Jackie

June 8th, Toronto, w/ Nyodene D, Thantifaxath, and 8,000,000 black metal bands
August 3rd, Montreal, w/ Ames Sanglantes, Raspberry Bulbs, Verglas, etc etc etc.

After that there's some vague talk about going to the US east coast and mid-west anytime between august and november, depending on various boring employment situations for every single member of the band.

Nothing guaranteed.

e mail me at theendlessblockade at g mail dots coms if you can set up a show and won't drop the ball. Preferences for all ages/ DIY spaces.

Nothing guaranteed, we might decide to never leave the house again.

Update: maybe next year.


Charles Hoffman said...

midwest: if you happen to be considering des moines, shoot me an email

Ryan Page said...

Glad the tour went well. It was really incredible to catch you in Oakland. It reminded me how much I love going to/playing shows.

Carm said...

Robbie of Sea Of Shit @ Mousetrap and/or Russian Mike of No Truce @ Albion House can help arrange a Chicago gig. Dave wants to eat Kuma's. Adam Jennings does sick jumps in shorts.

NickH said...

Even though you point out that you are all beyond acceptance & tolerance, I'm stoked that you guys Blazed It live.

Sincere but arbitary * I don't know is this place is IN enough to start swamping with "LOLs" and OMGs," so instead: Andrew, Phat Beard.

NickH said...

PS. For your efforts, a kareoke dedication:

NickH said...

SIGH. Hope it's not too forward to do this here, but I'm feeling muted. I pretty much owe Jeff Hanneman and Slayer for addicting me to extreme music as a teenager.
So cheers;thanks, this one goes out to him & anyone who cares about hardcore, thrash, death metal, black metal etc.