Tuesday, October 8, 2013

first public Wolves of Heaven material

I recently scored a 3 minute film for Justin Oakey (who has previously made videos for Column of Heaven, Slaughter Strike, and Death Agonies) called Motherland.

It's an entry for consideration for the next ABCs of Death anthology collection, if you're into it please use your Facebook page to like it and thus cast a vote. Though i suspect something involving a vampire or a corpse will win over a tale of sectarian revenge.

Go here to vote

M is for Motherland from Oak & Arrow on Vimeo.

Mike from Column of Heaven plays the role of the guy getting decapitated and also the guy filming the event.

The soundtrack is part of a longer piece that will see the light of day in some format or another next year once i've got it to place i'm largely happy with.


NickH said...

Better late than never, so: this WoH score is SUPERB. The clip is unsettling, the music elevates it into the sphere of dread.

I can't say what your influences for this avenue are, but I hope you're ok with me enthusiastically placing you in the same lineage as John Carpenter, Jay Chattaway. Simply Ace.

More of this is created, I'm on it.