Monday, March 21, 2011

Death Agonies live

From the show we played in Toronto a month or so back with Vile Intent, Purity Control and Direct Action.

Death Agonies (Music, 2011) from Justin Oakey on Vimeo.

Two things i learned whilst playing:

1. Emperor bass cabs hate me.

2. Hitting a contact mic with a hammer at the start of the set is a terrible idea if you have a minimal amount of equipment with you.

And for something completely different:

Name four samples (track and artist) and win a prize of some sort.


Christian said...

Dig that Death Agonies vid. Really into the live drums w/ noise thing ... seems pretty rare in my experience.

What's that box your working on as the vid begins?

Any more live stuff planned?

Survivalist said...

time is not particularly on any of our sides just now, but their is a possible live action in Toronto this summer, not sure yet.

The green box is a Sleep Drone. Mine's for sale if anyone needs one. Send me an e mail.

Ryan Page said...

In my garden - swans
Battle Creek Brawl - Gunshot (this one shouldn't count).
When you Sleep - My Bloody Valentine
Something by ennio morricone?

God, I'm bad at this.

The classic rock esque riff towards the end is bugging me because I definitely know it but can't place it.

Anonymous said...

Are there any Death Agonies releases that feature vocals yet?

Survivalist said...

nothing released as of yet, though i do have material for an incomplete release that has vocals

i've been failing to finish it for about 8 months at this point...

Survivalist said...

@Ryan, i'm suprised out of the people that have e mailed me that none of them have got the second most obvious sample (after MBV)

it's near the start and it's pretty much considered heresy to not like them in most circles

pentagrimes said...

there's a bit off "South of Heaven" at the end no?And I could swear I heard a bit off a Ministry song("thieves"I think??)hidden in there somewhere.