Saturday, March 19, 2011

Survivalist tapes

Because i get occasional questions asking me exactly what is or isn't a Survivalist release here's the list of everything i can currently remember.

Not everything has Survivalist written on the packaging.

Not in chronological order, most of them are C20s

death agonies/ winters in osaka - 80 copies
death agonies - the path to heaven leads through hell - 60 copies
flatline construct - queen west withdrawl - 60 copies
death agonies/ piss horn - 80 copies
death agonies/ pig heart transplant - tunnel - 80 copies
slaughter strike - a litany of vileness - 300? 400? 500? I lost count. Pressing of 172 by Nurse Ettiquette with alternate artwork
slaughter strike - winter's agony - 100 copies
joshua norton cabal/ nekrasov - primordial transmissions - 75 copies
the rita - womanhood - 80 copies
windscale - servitude - 50 copies and 30 on CDR released by Fellacoustic
humiliation - christian charity - 200 copies

everything long sold out

lovers of fuzzily recorded hardcore/ grind and power electronics will (possibly) be thrilled by the column of heaven - ecstatically embracing all that we habitually suppress tape that will be ready in a few weeks and will (for the first time ever) actually be available relatively easily through mail order

a playlist:

slogun - we human animal
submerged - violence as first nature
potawatomi - noisy le grand
vile intent- shadow of the skull


whitefella jump up - germaine greer
liber null/ psychonaut - peter carroll (re-reading again, probably one of a handful of books on magick i would wholeheartedly recommend)
slayer xx


shakehurst said...

my copy of A Litany of Vileness which I believe is the Nurse Etiquette issue has a hand numbered "88/40", which I took to mean "40/88" (my exact number may be off, because now 29 is springing to mind, not at home to check). any information on this particular one?

Survivalist said...

it was his 88th release, he did 88 copies (nothing nazi related) and it sold far quicker than he expected so he did another run of 88

one version is with a gold cover, one silver. I think silver is the first? Could be totally wrong though

artwork is pretty different on our version

Anonymous said...

Is the Slayer zine worth a read? So far I've only heard good things about it.
Talking about zines: Did you grab the current issue of the Exoteric zine released by nil by mouth? This one looks interesting, too.

Survivalist said...

Final Slayer is great. Particularly liked the Watain interview, it's interesting to note the difference between his answers when he's on "safe" ground compared to when he's being interviewed by mainstream media.

Destroyer 666 interview is excellent, made me wish i liked them more (i think they're ok...)

Morbid 12" that comes with the zine is really good, much better than i had anticipated.

Will look out for Exoteric, thanks for the heads up.

Nihbraxalizt said...

What do you think about Watain's music? I think their imagery/"ideology" is pretty interesting, but the music doesn't do a lot for me.
Since the Exoteric zine features a Xenophobic Ejaculation-Story do you have any thoughts about that project?

Survivalist said...

i've never been particularly interested in Watain's music, but i watched them at MDF last year and really enjoyed the whole spectacale.

I haven't heard Xenophobic Ejaculation. The concept doesn't appeal to me.