Thursday, August 7, 2014

"it's all about unconditional love"

Things that have happened this year now that we're 3/4s of the way through it.

Wolves of Heaven/ Nyodene D tape on Survivalist came and went fairly quickly in May. There's a vinyl repress coming via Anthems of the Undesirable, test pressings have been approved.

Three songs on Aaron's side, two on mine. My side deals with possession, sacrifice, and the eternal quest for knowledge. The opening segments were recorded in a state of total delirium that left me mostly bed bound and unable to eat for two weeks twenty fours after asking the universe for a path to become clear. Be careful what you wish for…

Column of Heaven - Precipice tape on Survivalist also came and went fairly quickly in May. Most of the material on that tape will be on the Suffering Luna split LP that will come out some day; i need to find the time to remix it slightly and fix the edit. It's Simpson's last recording with us.

I'll post more about it when the record finally comes out, but the tape version is called Precipice because rather than the usual "hey man, check it, here's some stuff about Thee Void" i was more interested in the thing that gets you into that void; the thing you either lean over and gaze into the abyss from, or alternately the thing you either willingly throw yourself from or accidentally fall from into that void.

Our side of Gas Chamber split 7" is written, but not close to the recording stage yet, not sure where those guys are at.

Not much else, lots of ideas, very little time to realize them.

A book: Liz Worth - PostApoc
A record: Clipping - CLPPNG
A film: Under the Skin

Monday, December 30, 2013

About pay-what-you-want

Just a very quick statement for clarification.

All of my releases will, eventually (when i get around to it), be pay what you want via Bandcamp (currently, who knows what the future of music streaming will be?).

I say eventually for two reasons.

  1. Not everything is actually up there
  2. Not everything will be immediately pay what you want from now on
About point 2, i figure that either a month, or when the release is sold out - whichever happens first - is a fair time to wait before you can pay nothing if you want, and you can pay nothing, i really don't care. 

A month is not long to wait, if you want it ASAP it's not going to be expensive.

Regarding pay what you want, my suggestion is pay a minimum of $2 or don't pay anything; less than $2 and you're mostly giving PayPal and Bandcamp a donation and PayPal certainly don't need it.

And for those who might like to know where their money is going (for our tapes and digital sales), this band is as self-sufficient as possible, we only record ourselves and we releases everything ourselves on cassette before it is re-released on vinyl by another label. We consider all releases not on Survivalist to be re-issues or licensed, this is why we do not consistently release music on the same label/s and never will.

So far money from all digital sales has gone back into buying things like microphones and upgrading recording equipment. I do everything on my own, mostly at home, the only part i don't have a hand in is the mastering.

Money from tapes/ merch goes to similar things, and occasionally gets us a night in a fancy beer emporium entirely on the band's dime or a meal on tour/ after a show.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Failures/ Romance

Earlier this year Column of Heaven quietly released two tapes. We didn't announce them for three main reasons:
  1. I don't do mail order, endless "where can i buy...?" e mails don't thrill me.
  2. We wanted to force people to buy from Analog Worship, Iron Lung Records, and Absurd Exposition and to pay attention to their distros more.
  3. They were short run experiments on cassette (Failures 150, Romance 100), and not meant to be held to the same standard as our more widely available releases.
Up until now they weren't going to go online for reason number 3; in the internet age everything is levelled and rehearsal tapes become weighted as the same as albums. But thanks to inevitable uploaders here they are, if you're going to listen to it it may as well be a direct copy and not some terrible rip.

One track from Romance was on bandcamp for about ten minutes, if you downloaded that, be aware that one reason it was pulled was because i made significant changes to it.

The material on both cassettes was culled from  the hours of discarded demos, experiments, audio sigils, unused versions of material that ended up elsewhere, rehearsals, bad ideas, broken equipment, broken thinking, and trans-dimensional communications that i have sitting around on my hard drive.

Art work for both was by the horribly talented Chelsea Watt

If it's important to you then the order of listening goes: Failures, Holy Things 7", Romance. The three releases form a somewhat related narrative, mostly related in my own brain and chaotic stabs at a personalised magickal practices and represent a chapter that has been firmly closed forever. There's some vague information about it all here

Expect advance peeks into the Column of Heaven side of the Suffering Luna split LP and the debut Wolves of Heaven LP, Unconditional, within the next few weeks. Both records will be out at the end of the winter.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


The much delayed Radioactive Vomit split is out now, Analog Worship has them for North America, Feast of Tentacles for Europe, if you're somewhere else in the world pick your king.

I think it might have been out a while, but i just received our band copies so here's my announcement post now.

One of our two songs has been on bandcamp for about a year, i'll upload the other one some time before the end of the year. Finishing up the next Column of Heaven release and the debut Wolves of Heaven release -- more on info on both of those around April time i guess -- has been taking most of my mental energy of late, so sitting about waiting for a file to upload to bandcamp hasn't been my priority.

Our two songs are about the short-reigning, sun-worshipping, sexually "interesting", gender fluid, teenage, Roman emperor Heliogabalus/ Elagabalus.

There's a lot of utter crap out there on the subject, particularly the book Divine Carnage which is possibly the single most spurious nonsense i've ever read (and i have read a lot of spurious nonsense).

It's hard to really get a good sense of what was going on with Heliogabalus, particularly as he was assassinated and undoubtedly rewritten as far more deranged than he actually was, but his continued legacy is in his after-life as a figurehead of decadence, amorality, apostasy, and anti-nomianism.

Our good friends Radioactive Vomit offer up two litanies to filth and garbage on the other side, and are one of the few contemporary "bestial" bands that we as a band can all agree on as having merit. That scene has basically become to the world of metal what power violence has been in hardcore for a long time, ie full of half baked, musically bankrupt, dim-wits releasing sub-par music under the guise of unquestionable authenticity.

Ouroborus endlessly consumes its own tail and complains it has shit in its mouth.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

We Have Seen the True Light

I didn't have the time to post about this before now and apparently it's sold out, there will be a second and final pressing coming soon, then it's gone forever.

Iron Lung records store

As i've said in the past, somewhere on this blog, and probably on tumblr as well, this isn't a power violence related record, i don't know - or particularly care - what genre it fits into. Jensen Ward referred to it as "cultish outsider industrial", take that as whatever you want it to mean.

When i assembled the 7", and assembled really does describe the compositional process here, i was listening to a lot of Terminal Cheesecake, Loop, Head of David, Sonic Violence, Comonauts Hail Satan, Headbutt, God, Splintered, and a whole host of other weirdo UK acts i immersed myself in as a teenager.

Thematically it's another step down the road marked "why i don't think the concept of catharsis is useful " (you empty yourself, you fill yourself up again, and you never break the binging and purging nature of the problem)

At the core the two songs are about accepting that we all have shit headed sides to our personalities, naming those sides as physical presences, and periodically letting them out in controlled situations for short periods of time so that they don't eat us alive from within. Contemporary devil worship if you will.

The release of the records - purely coincidentally - marks the end of a year long experiment i was throwing myself into. The release of Holy Things... is that door being closed once again.

We're waiting for test presses for the Radioactive Vomit split, and the split LP with Suffering Luna goes off to press at the end of the year

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

first public Wolves of Heaven material

I recently scored a 3 minute film for Justin Oakey (who has previously made videos for Column of Heaven, Slaughter Strike, and Death Agonies) called Motherland.

It's an entry for consideration for the next ABCs of Death anthology collection, if you're into it please use your Facebook page to like it and thus cast a vote. Though i suspect something involving a vampire or a corpse will win over a tale of sectarian revenge.

Go here to vote

M is for Motherland from Oak & Arrow on Vimeo.

Mike from Column of Heaven plays the role of the guy getting decapitated and also the guy filming the event.

The soundtrack is part of a longer piece that will see the light of day in some format or another next year once i've got it to place i'm largely happy with.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

shirts and stuff

Anthems of the Undesirable are selling two Column of Heaven shirts and two resurrected Blockade shirts via mail order


Badskulls still has two Blockade shirts for sale on their site


Money from shirts goes directly back into boring things like buying microphones and recording equipment so we can remain self sufficient. We record ourselves exclusively (like so many bands do and many more should) and we self-release all Column of Heaven material on cassette first; we consider all CoH releases to be licensed from us and do not consider ourselves as being attached to any specific label beyond a mutual friendship.

There are three Column of Heaven records currently at various pressing plants

  • split 7" with Radioactive Vomit
  • Holy Things are for the Holy 7"
  • Ecstatically Embracing all that we Habitually Suppress 12"
We're currently working relatively quickly on our side of the Suffering Luna split LP which will go to press at the end of this year.

In other news i recently quit my job and told my boss to stand aside (my girl, as special as she is, is not even close to 16 though) and went back to school (to a program that will last longer than Column of Heaven), which mostly means i will be occasionally unable to respond to e mails, and news will sometimes be sparse. By the end of this year we'll have played a paltry three local shows anyway, so it's unlikely that our unimpressive amount of live excursions is going to be affected.

The Column of Heaven tumblr is the place for periodic short brain farts that may or may not be relevant to anything. Anything longer/ more in depth will go here. Anything really fucking useless goes on our various instagram accounts (do you like looking at pictures of dogs? beer? dogs in the background of pictures of beer? limited appeal noise releases? limited appeal noise release with dogs sniffing them? limited appeal noise releases next to beer and dogs sniffing one or both items? Then feel free to follow wolfagram and be stunned by the simple minded idiocy of my life).

If there's a Column of Heaven (or Blockade) facebook page in existence then feel free to flood it with requests for mail order and shows in your Slovenian fishing village, hell, i insist...