Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bastard Noise// Blockade release

Blockade recorded our 15 minute instrumental track last weekend at Audiolab. Vocals and additional electronics will be added in the new year once we've decided with Bastard Noise what the next step for this release is going to be.

Also got to record some dense harsh noise on our full backline and get a studio recording of it which was incredible (fuck 0db compression or in the red line-in "noise"). Sections of it appear in the Blockade track.


Everything is now sold out apart from the Death Agonies// Piss Horn tape.

Fellacoustic has some digital versions of the Windscale - Servitude release left.

In the new year the Death Agonies// Pig Heart Transplant tape will be available.

Winters in Osaka will be releasing a WiO/ Death Agonies collaboration CDR (different from the split on Survivalist). One live collaboration recorded in the Blockade space and two pieces using material recorded the same day, one by Nolan (Windcale, Joshua Norton Cabal), one by Carroll (Gack)

Death Agonies// Torso split sometime after the PHT release

Harsh noise through compulsion, not entertainment.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

live// dead

We played our last show of 2008 recently with Hatred Surge, Iron Age, Eating Glass and Fucked Up.

We're probably not playing any shows again until may 2009, when we'll play a limited number of US shows on the way to Maryland Deathfest and back. We're also trying to get Sickness and Slogun to play Toronto with us before we leave.

Late 2009 we're hoping to tour with Hatred Surge again, west coast and Texas. This is probably going to be our last tour (but never say never right?)