Sunday, August 22, 2010

every time i say the word visceral you have to drink a shot

About three weeks ago Mike Simpson from The Womb came over to interview me for his radio show Superheavy Sounds on CIUT.

We sat in my back garden for and talked for a few hours whilst the dog tried to dig a hole to China.

I'm usually extremely reticent to do in-person interviews; on the whole i have terrible self editing skills when talking and have a tendency to respond as if i'm at a job interview

The results can be found

Although it's edited down to 25 minutes there's still a vast amount of contradictory rambling and bullshit to force yourself through.

Lost in the edits are a long discussion about violent films (i made Mike go watch William Luistig's Maniac after the interview), and probably a whole bunch of other bullshit. I think there was something about WWII and measuring human history in increments far larger than the lifespan of a human.

I also completely neglected to answer Mike's question on magick properly (he asked specifically about Thelema) and went off on a largely unrelated tangent. I may or may not rectify that with a blog post in the near future, i'm still undecided as to whether or not i can be bothered typing it out and if it's anything other than utter self-indulgence to post here. Does anyone really care how i use the hermetic Qabalah in my daily life? (That's a hypothetical question by the way)

I was also asked to contribute a playlist and if you're interested this is what i requested they play:

Bastard - Shikabane
No Security - Rattvisans Hand
Repulsion - Festering Boils
Haymaker - In Home Surveillance
Korpse - To Be Continued...?
Godflesh - Life is Easy
Neanderthal - Fluids
Crossed Out - Neglect
Despise You - It's All in God's Hands Now
Man Is The Bastard - Idget Child
Infest - Sick Machine
Heresy - Ghettoised
Cro Mags - Hard Times
Bad Brains - Attitude
Autopsy - Ridden With Disease
Necrophagia - Cannibal Holocaust

also, this:

Final Blockade from Bennett on Vimeo.

suprisingly only one person tried to fight Matthew

Monday, August 16, 2010

Between Two Fires

New Joshua Norton Cabal C20, Between Two Fires, available from Swim Harder. You can hear some of the second track on the tape at the myspace page and you can find their webstore somewhere there too.

This release represents the second chapter (the first being the unreleased split with the very excellent Disgust that Small Doses is putting out) in Norton's slightly new direction of having vocals and ocassional more musical flourishes.

Thematically it's about martyrdom; killing for a cause on one track and being killed for a cause on the other. Of course ultimately it's all just one guy yelling over a bunch of noise...

And seeing as i just quit my job to start a two year Masters program i need some money to keep myself in weird Nunslaughter records, thus i'm actually going to start selling some of the many releases that keep turning up in the mail that i play on. Currently i have no Blockade or Slaughter Strike releases though.

Here's the list at present:

Joshua Norton Cabal - Between Two Fires C20 $5
Joshua Norton Cabal/ Juhyo split CD $8
The Rita - Womanhood C20 $5 (i found a small amount of copies over the weekend hidden under a pile of dog toys)
Humiliation/ Nekrasov split CD $5

also currently waiting on receiving copies of the Joshua Norton Cabal - Inner Light CD that are somewhere in the mail system. I'll post about that when it's in my hands.

Contact via the e mail address in my blogger profile for paypal and all that jazz

Recent noise playlist:

Gerritt - Space Level Blaze CD
Martin Bladh - Umbilical Cords CD
Control - The Cleansing CD
Craniopagus/ Sharpwaist 7"
Custodian - Toil and Waste CD
Bizarre Uproar - Purification CD


Neil Strauss - Emergency
Evan Wright - Hella Nation

Sunday, August 8, 2010

"i'm old, my liver hurts..."

for everyone who keeps asking who it is that's yelling about fighting and bleeding at the end of the Unearthly Trance split

and whilst i'm on the topic of sound bites at the end of our records, this is the end of the Hatred Surge split (approximately 2:50 onwards). Jonathan would have been 36 in six days time. RIP brother, i still miss you.