Wednesday, July 23, 2008

less than part time label update

three new releases on Survivalist:

Humiliation - Christian Charity C20

Abusive noise drenched black metal. Abruptum. Beherit. Whitehouse.

Windscale - Servitude C20

Second release, continuing the dystopian horror electronics of the Skulls of Heaven release of a few months ago. Claustrophobic, deranged, occasionally ear splitting.

Death Agonies - The Path to Heaven Leads Through Hell C20

aka Blockade Noise. One track of harsh cut up noise damage, one track of crawling dead air.

all tapes available from any Endless Blockade show this summer or by mail. $5 each, for details/ postage/ whatever

the Death Agonies/ Winters in Osaka tape is long gone.

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer are working on some kind of Blockade noise mangle, more details in 2010