Monday, September 3, 2012


Second local show for Column of Heaven in 2012 

All bands rule, Purity Control are my favourite local boy band, snideyness aside i love what they do and hope they can break free from the TOHC ghetto one day. Farang is the other ex-Blockade band, and Spearhead is neither a jazz poetry slam act, racist newspaper or an English death metal band. They have a demo on bandcamp, i'm posting from work so go seek it out yourself with your fine internet skills: "Toronto spearhead hardcore bandcamp -michael -franti"

Venue is suitably tiny.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

three fests

Toronto, Not Dead Yet, last year this fest forced Column of Heaven to become a live act, something i was against before hand.

When not playing you might find me on the door of a show or two taking your money with a smile or taking old power violence dudes out for vegan burritos everyday.

My first show on US soil in three years. The Pick Your Side group e mails were all giddy with "dude, fucking Infest is playing this thing!". I don't see their name anywhere on this flier, however Catharsis are on the bill, which i find pretty weird. I'm hoping for a drum circle on a freezing January night in Baltimore. Dumpster dived vegan feast optional.

Stoked to hang out with them again, last time i saw most of them was the night before someone flew a plane into the Twin Towers.

Bloodshed Fest in the Netherlands. I'll never get tired of these names. Next year i'm booking an all noise and grindcore fest called "Watch Yer Handbag Missus! fest", i should probably hold it in Possil in Glasgow.

Mass Grave and Blind to Faith are playing, this makes me happy. Drop Dead at last years Not Dead Yet were easily the best i've ever seen them in almost twenty years of seeing/ booking them.

Expect to find me at the bar when the porn bands play (is there more than one on the bill? I can't tell...)

These are the Pick Your Side European tour details