Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

news and shit

Blockade news

We're recording our sections of the Bastard Noise collaboration in november. Yes, Bastard Noise are apparently starting to evolve back towards the MitB direction, making this collaboration a whole different proposition than when it was originally conceived.

Split 7" with Wadge is temporarily on hold, our material was total garbage and needs to be re-recorded. Someday we'll get around to it.

Split 7" with Agoraphobic Nosebleed seems to be lost in family life hell. Though i can see a Relapse Records (Point. Click. Grind.) contract with my signature on it stuck to my noticeboard between a Revenge flier and a credit card bill from here. Who knows when this will come out? It's material from Primitive that we cut because we didn't want it to be too long. Mick Harris appears on our side and Mike Diana is doing the artwork, both of which would have made the 19 year old me insanely happy (as would being on the label that put out Repulsion and Rottrevore 7"s).

Next year we're finally realising a dream come true and playing Maryland Death Fest. We've finally made the big leagues. Try catch us before Mayhem go on on the main stage. In the immortal words of Coffins "it's like a dream." We'll say hi to all the little people on the way back down the ladder again.

new Survivalist release

Death Agonies/ Pisshorn C20

Depressing noise bludgeon transforming into screaming children made out of rusty metal from Death Agonies.

Crawling occult hatred from Pisshorn, the spirit of black metal minus the music. Not "Black Noise", whatever the hell that is.

Pisshorn are probably Blockade's favourite Toronto act.

Available from any show we play between now and 2009

next Survivalist release

Death Agonies/ Pig Heart Transplant C20

Maybe out this year, maybe next, who knows?

Blockade related noise news

Gack has two releases with our occasional live collaborator Torso, a collaboration and a split. Both are great and never far away from my CD player.

Joshua Norton Cabal has a few new things coming out; splits with Cornucopia, Doldis and Burial Hex, a collaboration with Eric Wood and some solo releases (including one on Self Abuse, which makes me very happy). First live performance in seven years taking place at a house show in Toronto this weekend (with Gack and Ryan from Pisshorn on the bill too)

Windscale are slowly working on an LP and a CD. Very slowly.