Wednesday, April 18, 2012

digital idiocy

The legal team at Lionsgate seem to think i recorded that first Column of Heaven release under contract to them and thus the mediafire link is currently suspended

Until it gets unsuspended (you know, because the pricks at Lionsgate don't actually own it) you can either download an inadequately shit tape rip from some other blog or go to bandcamp and get the version that isn't sequenced properly

more in print

I wrote some stuff about Furze recently, buy it here

The second issue of "Invocation of Obscene Gods" is bigger, uglier and stuffed full of more punk and metal bullshit than most publications twice as glossy. Includes interviews with NEKROFILTH, PIZZAHIFIVE, RUPTURE, MINCH and SOCKEYE, FOSSIL FUEL and TOUGH SKINS masterminds Food Fortunata and Poopy Necroponde plus articles on FURZE and THE GEROGERIGEGEGE, columns, comics, record reviews and sex advice from Dr. Jason Wade! 64 pro-printed half-sized pages of glory for the literate idiot and discerning underground filth monger.

Recent playlist:

Cro-Mags - Age of Quarrel
Bastard - Wind of Pain
Perspex Flesh - demo
Kickback - No Surrender
Vaz - Dying to Meet You
Unsane - Wreck
Ouroboros is Broken - In C
Suffering Luna - Blood Filled Bong


Umberto Eco - The Prague Cemetery
Anna Bramwell - Blood And Soil: Richard Walther DarrĂ© And Hitler's "Green Party"

Monday, April 2, 2012

in print

Some new writings

Chromium Dioxide issue five,  i participated once again in the What Went Wrong? round table discussion. This issue four of us talk shit about Entombed for a few pages

Last weekend Siesta Nouveaux in Toronto closed down so another condo could be built.

Blank Stare and Youth and Rust put together a zine to commemorate the space.

Digital copy below. Physical copies also exist, though i have yet to see one. I suspect that if there are any left over from the weekend there'll be found here eventually

Open publication - Free publishing

A small list of music i've recently enjoyed:

Radioactive Vomit - Witchblood tape
Farang - tape
Hatred Surge - Human Overdose LP advance
S.H.I.T. - tape
Purity Control - live
Zouo - Final Agony 7"

R.I.P. Siesta Nouveaux