Monday, November 5, 2012

Three New Releases

Out this weekend:

The Rita - Womankind 2: Cleopatra, Sacred Servants 

Perhaps my favourite material yet by Sam.

20 minutes, 100 copies.

Serpents - Demo 2004 

Serpents were basically the blueprint to Drainland

Before it was OK to say your band was influenced by Swans three Irish reprobates made a five song demo of some of the ugliest, most depressing shit I'd heard since Public Castration is a Good Idea.

Several years after receiving a limited edition of one unmixed demo in the mail i heard the finished version and wondered if it was even the same band; the gloriously despondent demo had been cleaned up beyond all recognition.

About a month ago i found the CDR in my basement and told Jamie i was re-releasing it in its rough as fuck unmixed form and here it is, minus one song that ended up being absorbed into Drainland's early work.

Confused people at the time didn't know what to make of them and described them as Ireland's answer to Kylesa and Tragedy, which is utter fucking rubbish. Serpents always reminded me of Head of David, Zoopsia, early Fudge Tunnel and the late 80s/ early 90s burgeoning (primarily) London post-punk noise rock scene.

Definitely one of my favourite unknown gems of the era.

20 minutes, 100 copies.

Column of Heaven - Demonology

Further developments of two distinctly different approaches on Mission from God. Contains the songs that will eventually be the split 7" with Radioactive Vomit and the 7" for Iron Lung Records.

Goes from straight forward noise drenched grindcore (the split) into something less rigidly bound to the genre (the 7"). Heavily influenced by my recent re-obsession with Terminal Cheesecake, Loop, Fall of Because, God, the first Techno Animal LP, and any of the bands i mentioned in the Serpents write up (think Entheogen and They Never Learn from Mission from God, or The Summer of Missing Children from Soldier's Field as starting points).

18 minutes, 100 copies.

Available from me at Not Dead Yet this weekend. Left over copies of all releases will go to Analog Worship, Scream/ Writhe, and probably Anthems of the Undesirable.