Friday, September 9, 2016

This is Exactly Who You Are

Intensive Care's debut 7" is available now on Iron Lung Records - you can buy it here - a slight shift from the material on the Pay Pig cassette from a few months earlier.

Both releases are on Bandcamp as pay what you want downloads; don't pay less than $2 if you pay anything, most of that money goes to PayPal and Bandcamp in those cases.

Thematically this record bridges the gap between Pay Pig and the next release, Voyeurism, recorded and due out sometime before the universe under goes heat death. Pay Pig is ostensibly informed by anti-work politics, as found in the work of people such as Kathi Weeks, and tempered with a shit-headed power electronics berating. Voyeurism centres on the idea that in order to earn merit and be granted humanity the suffering masses of the world must display their shame and pain; see any frankly vomit inducing artist (usually a photographer) trying to show truth and honesty, usually through pictures of starving children, economically dispossessed drug users, or homeless people. A similar example would be when politicians, actors, and various CEOs camp outside to raise awareness of homelessness.

Anyway, This is Exactly Who You Are connects those two releases.

Final show of the year is at Not Dead Yet in Toronto with Barcelona, The Lowest Form, Private Room, Pedestrian and others.

We are currently writing an LP.