Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Fragile Bodies

A song from our forthcoming 7" on Iron Lung Records due this summer.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Pay Pig

Intensive Care - Pay Pig tape available now.

I should have posted this earlier, a few places have sold out, Faith/ Void in Toronto has copies, Analog Worship and Anthems of the Undesirable in the US still have copies and it'll be available at probably the next few shows we play.

Anyway, my first post-Column of Heaven material, with long term collaborator Ryan Bloomer (The Endless Blockade, Scalp Elevator, Ride at Dawn), we recorded it back in November but took our sweet time making it available.

I haven't put it online yet, though i will at some point (and if some blog puts it up we're fine with that).

It isn't online currently because I can't escape the "ex-Column of Heaven, ex-Blockade" thing (though that's fine), and this really isn't in that same vein at all; there are zero blast beats and next to no hardcore or grindcore influences, so i wanted to put stuff out a bit slower to try and limit those expectations. If you were into Blockade or Column of Heaven largely for the speed/ power violence factor then this probably isn't going to do it for you (it's also not my "sludge" band).

The other reason it's not online is because in this era all music is weighted the same and this should not be compared to the later recordings of any of my previous bands, it's a sign post to the future, but it doesn't have the same weighting as Primitive or Precipice; Intensive Care doesn't have the accumulated experience yet.

Anyway, Pay Pig, an ode to the modern work ethic in five songs, informed primarily by the Head of David/ Fall of Because/ early Godflesh circle, along with Headbutt, Grey Wolves, Slug, Unsane, and Hammerhead. Bass, drums, vocals, synth, percussion.

This is Exactly Who You Are 7" is at the plant (Iron Lung Records), Voyeurism 7" (Divergent Series) is close to being recorded. More stuff in the works.