Sunday, November 4, 2018

Tour this month

It's been five years since i played more than three shows in a row, let's see if i can still do this.

I had surgery a month ago and i'm not entirely convinced i'm able to do full vocals in the way i usually do, so if you're at a show and it seems a little more instrumental than you're expecting that's the reason.

In case it's not clear we aren't playing the Cambridge show.

A Removal to Elsewhere

New 5 song EP available now, on every digital platform i've ever heard of (except soundcloud) and a number i'm unaware of.

Tapes are available on tour this month and will end up with the usual suspects after we return.

Lyrically it's about the body outlasting the brain and the brain's awareness of its failings, inspired by family members with dementia and dementia type illness and decades of working in mental health.

Musically the process was different than our other releases; between family and employment responsibilities the ability to get in the same room with any regularity was hard to do for most of 2018, so we worked on materially together, took it away and worked on it individually, then reconvened to add more to the material as a duo and complete the tracks.