Monday, March 21, 2011

Death Agonies live

From the show we played in Toronto a month or so back with Vile Intent, Purity Control and Direct Action.

Death Agonies (Music, 2011) from Justin Oakey on Vimeo.

Two things i learned whilst playing:

1. Emperor bass cabs hate me.

2. Hitting a contact mic with a hammer at the start of the set is a terrible idea if you have a minimal amount of equipment with you.

And for something completely different:

Name four samples (track and artist) and win a prize of some sort.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Survivalist tapes

Because i get occasional questions asking me exactly what is or isn't a Survivalist release here's the list of everything i can currently remember.

Not everything has Survivalist written on the packaging.

Not in chronological order, most of them are C20s

death agonies/ winters in osaka - 80 copies
death agonies - the path to heaven leads through hell - 60 copies
flatline construct - queen west withdrawl - 60 copies
death agonies/ piss horn - 80 copies
death agonies/ pig heart transplant - tunnel - 80 copies
slaughter strike - a litany of vileness - 300? 400? 500? I lost count. Pressing of 172 by Nurse Ettiquette with alternate artwork
slaughter strike - winter's agony - 100 copies
joshua norton cabal/ nekrasov - primordial transmissions - 75 copies
the rita - womanhood - 80 copies
windscale - servitude - 50 copies and 30 on CDR released by Fellacoustic
humiliation - christian charity - 200 copies

everything long sold out

lovers of fuzzily recorded hardcore/ grind and power electronics will (possibly) be thrilled by the column of heaven - ecstatically embracing all that we habitually suppress tape that will be ready in a few weeks and will (for the first time ever) actually be available relatively easily through mail order

a playlist:

slogun - we human animal
submerged - violence as first nature
potawatomi - noisy le grand
vile intent- shadow of the skull


whitefella jump up - germaine greer
liber null/ psychonaut - peter carroll (re-reading again, probably one of a handful of books on magick i would wholeheartedly recommend)
slayer xx

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


More coming later. Recorded in as no-fi a way as you could possibly imagine.

King. Nolan. Ward.