Tuesday, March 10, 2009

this isn't about noise

Brutal Knights are in Europe soon, bring Matthew a book on history or cavemen or something nice.

Slaughterstrike is the band that everyone from The Endless Blockade who isn't in Brutal Knights is in. It's also got two of these dudes in

First show this friday in Toronto.
As I enter middle age my friday nights of having a few beers and playing misanthropic death metal with the lads is the equivalent of my fathers generation going out and playing darts at the pub.
Coming soon to 2009: some news about The Endless Blockade. Maybe.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Death Agonies

Yeah, we really should be doing other things but we've been working on a bunch of Death Agonies pieces recently.
  • Split C20 with Pig Heart Transplant on Survivalist (Blockade/ Pig Heart Transplant tour in september).
  • Something or other on Brise Cul.
  • Cassette on Cathartic Process (buy the new Bastard Noise behemoth 5xCD set and Bizarre Uproar 2xCS from him).
  • and something on some label by some dude that played a pretty great noise set at Traumatone HQ (Skeeter). No links, i'm as clueless as you probably are.

a minor playlist of sorts:

Bastard Noise - Rogue Astronaut CD

Piss Horn - Hatred Mountain CS

Kathaaria - Complex Void of Negativity LP

Urban Blight - best band in Toronto