Monday, December 29, 2008

The Endless Blockade// Shank split 7"

Our fellow dog lovers at Schizophrenic Records have released a new Blockade record.

Blockade does a Judge cover, Shank does a Citizens Arrest cover.

One time pressing of 300 copies

100 come on coloured vinyl with extra cover hand stencilled by The Chew (spray paint huffing art mosher) who also did a small run Primitive posters a while ago. Also comes with 7” painted with band logos.

How much art can you take?

Shank was a weird beast, the most real band I’ve ever played in. Sometimes I miss it being a part of my life and then I remember that hindsight is a glorious thing and the stress and bullshit my life was full of at the time is thankfully a thing of the past

Shank, as an entity, was 100% a product of its environment; all the sectarian violence, not having enough money to eat, life hating, friends dying, bullshit UK hardcore scene, intense ned rage I could ever be bothered with. We were basically four spiteful people that hated our surroundings. We couldn’t decide if we wanted the world to be saved or destroyed; equal parts social Darwinists and utopian idealists wrapped up into one big heavy drinking, intolerant, anhedonic package rounded off with terrible dental care.

When the opportunity to move to Canada arose I took it as fast as I could and haven’t looked back.

The Shank song was recorded just before I moved away as part of the same sessions that our friend Brendan made happen for us that became the material for the Iron Lung split. The cover was originally for a Deep Six comp called Unreality of all hardcore bands. Seven years after being asked to be on it it still isn’t out so it’s been released in this form. My guess is that Unreality will be out once the Low Threat Profile 7” and Infest and Neanderthal discographies are released.

Bob Deep Six is awesome, I always enjoy my brief once every three year hang outs with him.

The Blockade song was recorded at the same time as the first LP. We played it live once and totally confused everyone in the room that was waiting for 86 Mentality to play.

Somewhere in the world there’s a Blockade recording of us doing a Von cover but I haven’t even heard that, hence its non-inclusion on this record.

In the immortal words of the (marginally) better half of Glasgow: Tiocfaidh Ar La ya prick


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mrtn said...

britain is still the same old shit. and it gets even worse every month.

Darryl said...

Away with ye! Shank were a pile of shite. Were it not for transporting Andy's home contents from one flat to another, I'd never have spoken to any of you :p

Survivalist said...

pfft, you got paid in comic books...