Thursday, May 7, 2009


There might be a few (one or two) more local shows and there's a very vague possibility of a show elsewhere in canada but this is probably it for 2009 for us.

Expect Death Agonies interludes most nights.

The west coast US tour with Pig Heart Transplant is off.


24th MDF, w/ six thousand retards with semi-literate back prints annoying me
25th Baltimore, w/ Catheter, Vile Intent, a million other bands
26th Richmond, Sushi Nara w/ Magrudergrind, Rotten Sound, Maruta
27th Philadelphia w/ Magrudergrind
28th Brooklyn, The Charleston w/ Magrudergrind, Unearthly Trance
29th Boston, Democracy Centre w/ Magrudergrind
30th Montreal w/ Magrudergrind


5th Toronto, Siesta Nouveaux w/ Winters in Osaka, Piss Horn, Mudlark, Scumbelly and Eating Glass
26th Toronto, The Rearview Mirror w/ The Rita


13th Toronto, Siesta Nouveaux w/ Hatred Surge and Mammoth Grinder

Check local internet bullshit zones for more up to date details.


squal0r said...

why was the tour with p.h.t cancelled??!

Survivalist said...


donor said...

is the "vague possibility of a show elsewhere in canada" my art show? i hope so.