Monday, August 24, 2009


The third Windscale tape was just released by Actual Noise AKA 20 Buck Spin's non-Decibel Magazine friendly label.

Two tracks of simple synth noise and vocals and one more rigidly composed track that i listened to again last night for the first time in a good few months and was actually quite proud of.

Windscale deals with our disillusionment with the modern world and our sense of detachment from what we perceive as an inherently flawed dystopia and an age of vice.

The project was started two years ago as an ongoing collaboration between myself and Jim Fellahean from Cleveland.

Fellahean's Insignificant Scrap CD is a fine example of current US harsh noise that revels in decay and collapse. A great CD worthy of further investigation for any harsh noise fan.


Mutus Liber said...

Excellent, the split 7" as well!