Friday, October 30, 2009

fuck off nowadays global pandemic

Whilst the rest of Toronto is in a panic about a possible H1N1 epidemic and desperately trying to get barely plausible vaccines adminstered to them (in a rush that resembles an iphone marketing campaign in structure and effect) The Endless Blockade is sitting with middle fingers exposed to the world.

Eric is so fucking hardcore he went and LAUGHED in the face of H1N1, daring it to kill him.

Eric lives, Swine Flu was destroyed by his immune system and he was only hospitalised for a mere 24 hours. Take that disease culture! The Endless Blockade lives on with our no longer in hopital and 100% not dead from Swine Flu drummer!

Anyway, the upshot of this cage match is that we're no longer siq moshing with Cro Mags (jam) and Iron Lung in Montreal this weekend.

What this means to you is that i'm reluctantly forced to do mail order for two dfferent shirt designs. Vishnu/ Crowley and Serpent/ Messiah Rasputin are both available. $15 each post paid anywhere in the world. E mail to enquire about sizes, availability and paypal details

(dog hair not included)


Christian said...

Fuckin' A Eric! Way to go! Yeah, this H1N1 campaign both from promotion to public reaction is all kinds of ridiculous, its' almost kinda frightening ... glad you guys got middle finger(s) extended rather than a half hearted single digit.

Speaking of shirts ... last time I saw a show I wanted to grab a black Abraxis shirt ... you were out. Any chance ya have any of those kickin' around?

Cro Mags!?? Uhhh ok ... as for Iron Lung, hoping to catch them tomorrow night.

Survivalist said...

Cro Mags rule.

No Abraxas shirts on black, probably just keep them on white when we make more.

Christian said...

I haven't listened to Cro Mags since Age of Quarrel ... still a great album but I lost intrest in 'em after that. Perhaps ufairly, perhaps not, I kinda always associated them w/ the dumbing down / metaling up of HC ... Just suprised their still in on it ... or is it just Harley? Always seemed like alota bad blood & misfortune pumpin' thru that band. actually just read John Joseph's book ... pretty interesting stuff ... especially the Krishna stuff.

White's the new Black?

Survivalist said...

John Joseph, Mackie and some hired guns, i think Craig Ahead and some dude from Leeway maybe? I'm pretty sure most people lost interest in Cro Mags after Age of Quarrel.

And I think a lot of the quite frankly shit politics of people pretending to be much smarter than they were dumbed hardcore down way more than any bunch of dirt bag street kids did.

At Least the Mags were honest.

But who knows where to point that finger of blame anymore?

And dude, like, black and white are just illusions and we need to break free from Maya anyway man.

Christian said...

And dude, like b&w are just illusions ... ha ha ha thanks, that made me laugh.

Shit politics in punk/HC ... viable culprit indeed, amongst others I'm sure. Always got more than a laugh outta the PI refrain of Ian's an asshole. Not really gettin' down on the dirtbag kids 'cause truth be told most punks or whatever I knew were alot more like the Mags ... and your right they definatly wore their hearts on their sleeves.

Wasn't so much talking 'bout them per se ... the element they attracted/were marketed to? Not really on a tagible level (ie. violence at gigs)but on a musical/social level. A great band can insipire a million shitty ones. But yeah, your right who knows were to point ... probably don't have enough fingers anyway.

Really looking foward to that BN split finally gettin' out there.

Survivalist said...

They definitely inspired a lot of crap, and a lot of it was trying hard to proove how 'real' it all was. See my post regarding Blasphemy and Lydia Lunch for more than you'll ever want to hear me say on topic.

Violence at gigs is one of those things people like to bring up, much like those pesky edge kids knocking beers out of peoples hands, but really; how true is it?

The Rolling Stones are pretty much the last word in fucked up shit happening at shows. I don't doubt some bad shit has happened at punk and metal shows (i've seen some on occasion), but almost any male who's grown up unsheltered in the western world has probably seen more violence on an average saturday night than at some poxy hardcore show.

You know, Toronto doesn't count, this place is sanitisied beyond belief (i kind of like that though).

And i prefer Hatebreed over Crass, but that's another matter altogether. There's room for both Antisect and GG Allin in my record collection.

morgan criger said...

The line up for that montreal show is amazing. Eric, I'm not surprised you destroyed H1N1.