Friday, December 11, 2009


Locals only.

Black Paintings = Eric's first public noise performance outside of Death Agonies and Blockade

Black Paintings cassette should be finished sometime this month, but i've heard Eric say that before.

i guess this is my annual Ryan Bloomer related live outing for Joshua Norton Cabal.

Norton/ Nekrasov split cassette on Survivalist in january, Inner Light CD on Chimera/ Survivalist is currently being mastered.

Piss Horn LP on Survivalist sometime next year maybe. We'll see if late night drinking conversations can cross the threshold and materialise in the physical realm...

Remlap played with Blockade before and it was great

Burrow Owl just moved here from BC. Her parents were harsh noise loving peace punks that lived in a van.

some pics from the last Death Agonies show

Death Agonies - Dust in the Lungs of God C20 out on Cathartic Process shortly