Monday, February 15, 2010

semi-related to Survivalist

Humiliation/ Nekrasov CD is out on New Scream Industry

Nekrasov is on a split with Joshua Norton Cabal that i put out and Humiliation is the second best selling (200 copies) release on Survivalist after Slaughter Strike (probably around 300 copies at present, not including the 172 that Nurse Ettiquette made)

Nekrasov is a good friend and occasional collaborator on some of my noise stuff, his material is always great; weird rumbling transmissions from beyond the veil, ancient and futuristic sounding at the same time. He veers from blown out caustic screams and blasting machinery driven black metal to massively oppressive hum and click drone meditations.

Humiliation are Ontario's most negative band; embracing the self-collapse of modernism and finding the sacred in the profane. The sound of music falling apart from disease. No blasting and less of a black metal buried under 50 tonnes of poluted soil approach than the tape i did for them. Industrial without resorting cheap goth-rave black metal shit.


Rape and Honey #2
Special Interests #1
Barb Wire #1


Mutus Liber said...

Think you'll have any copies in Pittsburgh?

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Anonymous said...

Any new EB stuff going to be available in Pittsburgh?