Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Texas is the Reason

Thanks as ever to Hatred Surge.

Sorry to San Antonio for cancelling the show, illness made it look like we were going to have to cancel all the rest of our shows for a while there.

Personal favourites were Mindless from Austin and Concrete Violin from Houston

Also great were Convert from Oklahoma City and some band whose name i will never be able to remember or pronounce but it started with Esc and might have been some dude from Mindless. Anyway, both bands are very new and already showing tons of promise.

Amazingly i didn't see any shitty bands at our shows, they may have played but i wasn't in the room at the time.

And no the GZA didn't end up playing (whatever, great show regardless) and yes SXSW was a fucking chore and i don't ever need to deal with that garbage ever again.

No merch left over from tour and the two Canadian shows with Bastard Noise are probably our last this year.

No plans to tour for the forseeable future.


The WZAd said...

Hell yeah. I saw it go down.

Anonymous said...

happy to hear yall are alright now.

happy trails.