Monday, April 26, 2010

power violence versus Bermuda

I'm not saying anyone should book a flight or anything (we're hardly worth it), but our two shows with Bastard Noise and The Rita in july will be our last for the forseeable future while Ben goes and moves to the richest (and probably smallest) country in the world for an indeterminate period of time.

I can't guarantee Eric won't get swine flu again (like last time we tried to play Montreal) or i won't get stranded in England due to acts of God (as i narrowly missed by a mere luck of the booking draw last week), but if you're within driving distance and want to see us you should probably get out to either Toronto or Montreal.

Whilst we're on hold there are three Blockade recordings still to be unleashed upon the pestilent hordes (i'm trying to get in to the Slaughter Strike mentality here)

In the meantime these Blockade related bands are all active:

Slaughter Strike
Brutal Knights
Column of Heaven

and this is the (main) noise shit:

Death Agonies
Black Paintings
Joshua Norton Cabal

Hopefully Ben will get bored and do some kind of one man computer grindcore band about riding scooters on a tropical island with Catherine Zeta Jones on guest vokillz


Strom ec - Divine Legions Beyond the Psyche (one of the most rewarding power electronics CDs of recent years, buy it here)
Bizarre Uproar - Unsafe and Insane LP
Dave Gildan - Texas Chainsaw Dopefiend CS
Mudlark/ Half Gorilla 7"
Vacant Coffin - Sewer Skullpture LP