Thursday, December 16, 2010


Ten years ago there was a Norton/ Cornucopia split CDR on Audio Intruder Pain. AIP ended up being the straw that broke the camels back; after something like five labels in a row screwed me on copies of my releases i gave up on releasing noise for over five years.

Alonso, if you're reading this feel free to send me copies of Sounds for Heads and the second press of the Cornucopia split... Anytime you're ready...

Anyway, Jorge from Cornucopia asked me to do a second split/ collaboration with him when he heard i was releasing noise again and this is the result.

It took forever to come out, entirely due to my initial reticence to release my track for a year or so. I had some hare brained ideas about where i wanted to go with Norton for a short while; the problem with being a one person act is that there's no one to say "don't do that" except yourself. Anyway, this is an anomaly in my back catalogue, it doesn't really sit easily with any of my stuff. Had i released a few different things in various permuations of this style it would be different.

It's basically a thirteen minute track made up almost entirely of other peoples music (not noise) with the occasional field recording mixed in and endlessly reworked and regurgitated into a new composition (not music). Consequently it never really gets all that harsh or bass heavy. At times i guess it's slightly like some sections on Shattered Hand (last track on Inner Light).

But yeah, for about a year i was being a giant baby and decided i didn't want to hear it ever again (it's playing in the background as i type this and i can't really figure out what the hell i thought was wrong with it to be honest).

Actually, the tape's called Emanations and i was in some weird Qabala head space at the time so there's probably some mystic shit that i've forgotten about as to why it flows the way it does.

I also submitted a much shorter track of reworked Cornucopia materials.

Collaborations are always a tricky beast for me; if the source material is excellent i ask myself "what can i do with this? It doesn't need any work" and if they're too unfinished i say "what can i do with this? It needs too much work."

Which is why i rarely get involved in collaborations. This one turned out pretty good though and is quite listenable. Cornucopia did a great job reworking the harsh noise material i sent them. There's a Norton/ Frailty of Angels collaboration that i'm quite happy with that should be out early next year too.

You should buy this direct from Cornucopia/ Sonora as they're offering it to you for the princely sum of $6 PPD anywhere in the world. Given that it costs me almost $7 to mail a single cassette to the US (apparently we have the third most expensive postal system in the world or something) and the US $ has been at parity with the Canadian $ for over a year now, meaning there's really no point in anyone ordering it from me.

You can hear samples of the two collaboration tracks on the order page.


The Body - All The Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood
Noose - 2009 demo
Lycanthropic Warhead - Infinite Castigation
Hooded Menace - Never Cross the Dead
Death in June - Peaceful Snow
Cutty Ranks - Six Million Ways to Die
Rot - Diabolus (the Unholy Rot)


As Loud As Possible
Journey to the end of the Night - Celine
Kosmology - Jeremy Christner


Anonymous said...

This is not really on topic but since I got into Power Electronics/Harsh Noise via TEB and found a lot of interesting stuff through your playlists I would be really interested in a list of your alltime favourite noise-records.

Survivalist said...

all time favourite noise records would be a very tricky proposition indeed. It would be difficult enough to come up with an all time top hardcore records but the noise stuff generally has an additional, hard to define attraction to me.

But, here's some releases that would be included in my list of essentials:

the first three 7"s by SPK released on Side Effects in 1979 are pretty much by bench marks for olde tyme industrial and possibly the biggest non hardcore influences on Blockade (just look at the title of the first LP and the lyrics to Therapy Through Violence). You can find this material on the Auto Da Fe collection.

Other earlier industrial releases:

Throbbing Gristle - Heathen Earth
Test Dept - Beating the Retreat
MB - Symphony for a Genocide
Coil - Horse Rotorvator
Monte Cazazza - To Mom on Mother's Day
Lustmord - S/T
Einst├╝rzende Neubauten - Kollaps

Power Electronics:

Whitehouse - Great White Death
Con-Dom - Eighth Pillar
Deathpile - GR
Grunt - Seer of Decay
Mauthausen Orchestra - Vernichtung Lebenunwerten Leben
Ramleh - Hand of God
Genocide Organ - In Konflikt

More "modern" noise releases:

Merzbow - 1930 (because everyone wants at least one Merzbow recommendation)
Macronympha - Intensive Care/ Pittsburgh, PA/ Amplified Humans (though anything by Macro is golden)
Mlehst - Tonights the Night (found on The History of Mlehst vol 10)
Mo*Te/ Government Alpha - Needlefreaks (again, anything by these two acts is worth a listen, Mo*Te is my personal all time favourite harsh noise artist)
Bizarre Uproar - Unsafe And Insane
Control - World of Lies
Skin Crime - Whore Butcher - Divine Legions Beyond Psyche
The Rita - Thousands of Dead Gods
Daniel Menche - Eye on the Steel

This could go on forever and i`ll hit Publish Your Comment and i`ll undoubtedly remember something utterly essential that only a clown would neglect to mention

And support distributions/ labels like Malignant, Crucial Blast, Freak Animal, Ajna, Ground Fault (amongst many others) for your purchases

Survivalist said...

aaaaand, you should buy Special Interests zine and As Loud as Possible

Anonymous said...

can you please tell me which pressing
is the top left record and the middle down one(im talking about covers)


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks a lot for the detailed answer! Is there any Streicher stuff that's worth a listen? I really liked that Pimp-Aktion Slutgun LP.

Survivalist said...

top left is the final pressing on 625, 1100 copies. Top right is the second press (Out of Limits), 100 copies, orange vinyl, poster, sold most of the entire pressing on our california tour in 2006 (i think that was the year?)

Bottom row are all first press (self-released). 300 total, i think it was 150 on beige, 100 on black and 50 on grey, but i could be wrong.

Borders on the front cover were different for each pressing, and there's a slight difference on the back cover between each pressing. Final pressing was the only one with centre labels. Lyric sheet varies with each pressing.

Anyone tring to sell you a first press on e bay calling it a test pressing is misinformed at best and trying to rip you off at worst.

Survivalist said...

I like all Streicher, War Without End on Cold Spring doesn't sound anything like the exceptionally crude and politically suspect (ie national socialist) earlier material though.

If you liked Pimp Aktion Slutgun then Golden Rod (Streicher collaborations) might be to your taste, i'm a fan of Fuck You All (with Macronympha collaborating). That one became a sing a long favourite on tour.

Anonymous said...

ahh thanks alot,that helped i thought the first one on top is the first pressing so i overvalued it(sentimentally},you know collectors :]

Anonymous said...

I checked 'War Without End' yesterday, seems like a really interesting and disturbing record. Do you have some more recommendations for hateful PE that hits in the same direction as Grunt, Deathpile and Bizarre Uproar? Is Aspa's material besides Grunt worth a listen?

Survivalist said...

When i'm looking for my personal ultimate angry at the world music Crossed Out, Despise You, Slogun (who i criminally missed from the list above) and Deathpile are my go to staples.

Check out the Audial Decimation comp and the two recently reissued Zero Cabal comps Nihilist Assaultcore and Terror Campaign. They're probably good jumping off points.

You generally can't go too far wrong with Mikko Aspa's stuff, though i was totally let down by that recent Stabat Mater LP he did.

Clinic of Torture and Pain Nail are both excellent. Nihilist Commando is good noisecore.

I was also a fan of Control Mechanism, his short lived one man power violence band. I think there was a 7", a split with Harsh and a comp here and there

And on a related Blockade note some of Piss Horn's material would definitely be waht you're looking for. (and i posted about them last month but Disgust/ Koufar are pretty essential)

Anonymous said...

Disgust's "Where Angels Fear to Tread" is no doubt one of the best releases of 2010, if only for the b-side. Also just picked up that Control Mechanism / Harsh 7" yesterday after randomly stumbling upon it, weird.

Got my copies of ALAP last night and it looks amazing. If anyone in Canada still needs one I can ship 'em via oversize lettermail for $3.50 or so.

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on Kosmology? I just finished reading it several days ago and am still coming to grasps with it.

These Seans said...

this comments section is curcial to me as I am just starting to really explore this field.

Also, I just bought this and another tape from Jorge the other day. Pretty stoked. Need to find a piece of shit cheap tape player.

Survivalist said...

you can find ultra cheap (like $5-10) and fairly decent tape decks in big charity shops like Goodwill or whatever the american equivalent is. Just remember to clean the heads

Survivalist said...

Re: Kosmology i enjoyed it. My only real frustration was that i could have happily read another 100 pages in the same vein.

It's very clearly rooted in gnostic thought and symbolism; which is something i'm both familiar with and quite fond of. So there's a certain dove tailing of world views going on.

It's one of those texts where the points are clearer if you have a grounding and experiential knowledge of what's being discussed. There's a ton of occult literature out there where i haven't got the feintest idea what the fuck they're talking about. Sometimes the problem is with me, sometimes the problem is with the author.

Kosmology was one of those pieces of writing where i felt comfortable from the first page.

Plus i'm a sucker for creation myths