Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter's Agony

Download Winter's Agony here. If you want a physical copy either check 20 Buck Spin or Profound Lore, the last 15 copies are on their way to those dudes. If you want to bootleg it don't forget to print on to Glacial Mist recycled card for the covers and dub it onto one side of a C20 for accuracy.

Cyclopean has made shirts with the cover image.

You can find the third and final interview with Slaughter Strike here, Dave answered most of the questions, i answered a handful.

Slaughter Strike is no more, Dave is in Abyss and publishes Chromium Dioxide magazine, Eric is in Urine Cop and Column of Heaven, Joel is in a Mentors cover band and plays live with Midnight from Cleveland, Cindy is probably shredding along with Dream Theatre records and my main priorities are Column of Heaven, Joshua Norton Cabal and Nameless Dread with some other occasional noise activities. I don't really have the time for a "real" band right now, ie booking tours and trying to get several people with competing schedules to get together at the same time. Maybe a year from now.

Column of Heaven will be primarily myself and Eric working on material that picks up slightly further down the path The Endless Blockade was on (this isn't "new" news).


sukwon said...

It's so good that you're blog is back! I was a bit worried . But then the bad news about SS. It breaks my heart. -Fan Boy from Korea

Andrew Aircraft said...

Is the Slaughter Strike full length still coming out?

Survivalist said...

No, it doesn't exist in any form. If Joel does another death metal band i suspect that will be vaguely in the same direction we were headed in.

Carm said...

Glacial Mist! Reminds me of my days working at Kinko's. I never thought about using that for making bootleg cassette covers. Thanks for the tip. RIP, Slaughter Strike.

Peter said...

Glad your blog is back.