Friday, February 18, 2011

more Kiyasu versus the world

Ryosuke Kiyasu, Keiji Haino and Chiyo Kamekawa

Space jam freak outs. Get into it.

And this classic from my youth that i reworked:

(Column of Heaven recording soon)


Steve said...

HiJack, the terrorist group. That was the late '80's Hulme / Moss Side for me! Great to hear again.
....Don't Go With Strangers....

Nihbraxalizt said...

The remix sounds really cool, haven't heard anything by Hijack before. Are you into more 80s/90s HipHop stuff?

Survivalist said...

i still have a soft spot for late 80s UK stuff like Katch 22, Hijack, Hardnoise, Gunshot, Ice Pick, F9s etc etc.

A lot of that stuff was really angry and not interested in the materialism that took over later.

I could relate to it.

Put it down to being Thatcher's youth maybe.

i pretty much stopped caring about almost all hip hop, with some exceptions, after 1991

Anonymous said...

Check out Aural Fit - Mubomuso 2010 - Japanese psych - really good album - mass clusters of improvisation pawned as tracks - relatively dense and heavy, bordering on overwhelming, yet solid quality throughout - if you like heavy Fushitsusha, this is right on - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
-Zeno Marx