Monday, June 6, 2011

Ecstatically Embracing yadda yadda yadda

my last post ever about this tape

download it here for free (like anyone would pay...)

200 copies were made, almost OOP now, Vile Intent will be making another batch to sell on their upcoming tour.


IRM - Oedipus Dethroned/ An Act of Self Mutilation is an Act of Freedom
Anenzephalia - Ephemeral Dawn
Genocide Organ - Leichenline
Integrity - Detonate VVorld's Plague
Nader Sadek - In the Flesh
Left for Dead - everything


Ryan Page said...

Excellent release. I scribbled some thoughts about it on my blog.

vomiteer said...

jesus christ i can't believe i spent six dollars on it at war on music in winnipeg. i should step into the digital free love age.

Survivalist said...

well, hopefully you bought something else from War on Music at the same time

now you can use the tape to fix a wobbly table and put the shiny digital wav file on your ipod and go to the gym, smug in the knowledge that you're BENCH PRESSING TO FUCKING POWER VIOLENCE!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm fairly surprised at how strong the new integrity release is.

pentagrimes said...

I still have physical copies for those in need:

€5 europe/€6.50 non Europe to

zombivish said...

"BENCH PRESSING TO FUCKING POWER VIOLENCE!!!" needs to be on a t-shirt

Christian said...

Tape landed in my mail box today. It's about to be the soundtrack to my Jerk Chicken BBQ tonight ... hope the new neighbours dig it ... the last neighbours just hated Blockade. What the fuck did they know about good dinner music, huh?

Jorge said...

is it all one track? if not can i have the tracklist so i can seperate the songs?

Survivalist said...

there should be a PDF with the demo art in the folder

Anonymous said...

thanks for the lossless demo

Grk! said...

Bought Grimy's last copy at the Drainland gig in Rusholme. Cheers!