Friday, January 20, 2012

Column of Heaven shows

Montreal, Fri Feb 24, @ Death House

Vile Intent
Column of Heaven

Toronto, Sat Feb 25, @ Siesta Nouveaux

Vile Intent
Column of Heaven
Gas Chamber
Farang - the other ex-Blockade band

Ottawa, Sun Feb 26, @ The Legion

Vile Intent
Column of Heaven
The Donner Party
Spilt Guts

Still very much in the figuring things out stage but at the end of June/ beginning of July we're hoping to be in British Columbia. Squamish, Kelowna, Vancouver and possibly Victoria. The usual Mudlark/ Haggatha/ Osk related bands will no doubt be playing the shows and supplying 50% of the band with drugs

In September we're planning on making the foolhardy trip over the border for two weeks of shows, hitting the usual east coast and mid-west spots you can get to in 16 days when you're starting in Toronto.

Mission from God tape on Survivalist should be (might be...) ready for the three shows in feb, the 12" version on SPHC will be out a month or two after that (is my guess). Thirteen songs, absolutely no surprises for anyone with even a passing familiarity with things i've placed on/ written in the last five-ten years.


These Seans said...

Send those tapes out to 20 Buck already. I might come up for that weekend of shows.

Diseased Audio said...

hit me up for chicago come september if you plan on passing through, i'll take care of you guys nicely.

Brett Howl said...

Whatever the closest you get to Colorado in September is, I will be in attendance.

These Seans said...

Also obviously you / you all can crash with me in NYC if needed.

BS said...

if you end up wanting to come to St. Louis on that tour email me at

NickH said...

Upfront, I'm from Cape Town, South Africa. Short of whoring myself, I've got to jam over to catch Column of Heaven live - heard the demo, loved it, it's Pure.
Every success to you with future endeavours.

[Yeah, I investigated you guys due to the roots in Endless Blockade; who I learnt about from the praise-giving guys in Pig Destroyer: a chain of Quality.]

Anonymous said...

I leave Canada a week before these shows. Since all of you assholes refuse to play anything outside of Canada that isn't the Eastern US I suppose I'll see you in 3 years if you're still patient enough to remain a band. If not, fuck you.

Survivalist said...

western US next year (nowhere else exists)

and it's less patience and more my aching limbs that will determine if we make it through three years

we can arm wrestle in three years if you like

Anonymous said...

there is nothing for winnipeg contained in this update...

Survivalist said...

mike alexander fucked up again i guess...

KOPISH said...

Perhaps we'll see you in Minneapolis. We'd love to play with you. Cheers!