Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Joshua Norton Cabal/ Frailty of Angels collaboration

After what feels like an eternity with both parties trading off delays with one another the final Joshua Norton Cabal release is now available here.

Two long collaborative tracks that came out pretty good, even if i do say so myself. Expect drones, static crunch, and vocals.

Still floating around in purgatory is a short collaboration with Bastard Noise from around six years ago that i believe is going to be on the Lost Tracks LP on Deep Six.

And after that, absolutely nothing under the name Joshua Norton Cabal. I've put the project to bed after not really knowing what to do with it for the past few years. Later this year a new project with a new set of parameters and intent will surface.


in between listening to the new Column of Heaven stuff 8,000,000 times in a row that i'm almost done with these have been inspiring listens:

Teitanblood - Purging Tongues 12"
Sea of Shit - s/t tape
Addiction - Punk Alien Razar LP
Stalingrad 7"
Drainland/ Enabler split 7"
Drainland/ Crows split 7"
a new Godstopper song that i've been asked to add some noise to and live last week
Nyodene D - 7" (which made me feel about 100 years old because it pointed out how long ago Bobby Sands died)


jbalsinek said...

Sad to see JNC go, though there's one benefit, the only noise band I would - in theory still - be interested in releasing is now dead, so I can shut up shop and stop pretending I have a record label.

Anonymous said...

The final tape was a good ending. Thanks for JNC, it made a difference in my life.