Monday, March 5, 2012

next Column of Heaven show

May 5th in sunny Hamilton, get punched in the face to Pick Your Side after eating at Harvest Burger.

Mission from God tapes will be ready for this show, this time i'm not lying

handy Mission from God instant lyric generator:

dead children
in the north
Irene Richardson
time and space


Industrie Chimère Noire said...

is the whole album concept about Stutcliffe?

Survivalist said...

not really, it's about being born into a poisoned environment. I just happened to be born in the post-Moors murders era and two of Sutcliffe's victims were attacked within a mile of my house when i was a child

These Seans said...

perpetual comment about TEB / 20 buck tapes.

stoked to hear about more stuff from Column! very very excited.