Monday, April 2, 2012

in print

Some new writings

Chromium Dioxide issue five,  i participated once again in the What Went Wrong? round table discussion. This issue four of us talk shit about Entombed for a few pages

Last weekend Siesta Nouveaux in Toronto closed down so another condo could be built.

Blank Stare and Youth and Rust put together a zine to commemorate the space.

Digital copy below. Physical copies also exist, though i have yet to see one. I suspect that if there are any left over from the weekend there'll be found here eventually

Open publication - Free publishing

A small list of music i've recently enjoyed:

Radioactive Vomit - Witchblood tape
Farang - tape
Hatred Surge - Human Overdose LP advance
S.H.I.T. - tape
Purity Control - live
Zouo - Final Agony 7"

R.I.P. Siesta Nouveaux


Sidet said...

Is the Human Overdose lp in any form a continuation of ideas musical and or lyrical from the Deconstruction lp? I listened to the track Innoculation on their bandcamp and I'm not sure if it was just the recording but it sounded like Alex is moving in the direction of death metal. Does Rahi make an appearance?

Survivalist said...

it's definitely a continuation of Deconstruct, though it is far more death metal influenced.

There are zero effortless, diluted Crossed Out mosh breaks (which unfortunately seem to epitomise contemporary power violence)to be found on this record and that dull and lazy Despise You 2.0 comparison can finally be laid to rest.

At times it sounds like the best bits of Mammoth Grinder with the composition and speed of Hatred Surge

No Rahi, they're back to being a three piece.

thechew said...

Hey Andy. Sorry to hear you didn't get a copy of the Siesta zine, we gave them to Greg to give out with the posters at the saturday show. I think there are some left over, you're best bet would be to ask Greg. Hopefully that helps, and hopefully you liked the zine!

Survivalist said...

yeah, i'm literally seething with rage young man

i figured i didn't get one because it was so insanely packed in there