Monday, May 14, 2012

A Modern Day Sodom

Column of Heaven - Mission from God tape out now on Survivalist, has slightly different artwork from the LP version that's due out on SPHC in July. SPHC will also be selling a shirt for mail order for everyone who isn't one of the 45 people that's had a chance to buy one from one of our highly sporadic live shows.

You can get one from one of these places in the next week or two:

Analogue Worship
Absurd Exposition
locals can go to Hits and Misses at the end of next week and get one and people in Winnipeg can buy one from Mike A at whatever show he's propping the bar up at

There aren't that many copies going to any of these people to be honest, most were sold at the Pick Your Side record release show in Hamilton last weekend. And mighty fine they were too (and the LP's great)

If you buy from Analogue Worship i'd highly recommend the Ill Omen and Luciation records he put out; two of my favourites of the recent times. Also get the Radioactive Vomit (Column of Heaven's favourite newish Canadian band) tape and the Stone Wings LP (if you like olde sounding doom death).

I'm not going to post about the release itself now, maybe when the vinyl comes out, but here's a brief word about tapes.

Here's why i make them: because it's incredibly fucking easy. That's it. No romantic notions about tape culture; i hold some cherished memories of tape culture, but that's personal, not something to base a release schedule on.

There's a tape duplicating place five minutes away from our band space and they have a 24 hour turnaround. If i had to send off files to Quebec to get them made i wouldn't bother releasing them. If the production time was more than a day i wouldn't bother releasing them.


Sean said...

Easy and cheap.

These Seans said...

Jesus, I should start paying you to get my tapes made. I've been waiting almost 2 months for the Only Child tapes, which, makes just want to cancel the order and say fuck it.

Anonymous said...

are any euro distros releasing either tape or vinyl?

Survivalist said...

RSR will carry copies of the 12" in Europe