Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New release

Pick Your Side - live on CIUT, 14 song C20, 100 copies. Available on the Pick Your Side European tour  and Not Dead Yet fest in Toronto next month.

Recorded September 11th 2012, broadcast on September 16th, recorded by Jonathan Hawkes and remixed slightly by me for this release.

New tapes from The Rita, Column of Heaven (possibly two, haven't decided yet) and Serpents (the band that set the blueprint for Drainland) next month.


Anonymous said...

you guys sound like conflict. shit is tight.

NickH said...

Hey Andrew, hope you're doing well. Gratitude to you and CoH for the latest album... some of the most unsettling and compelling recorded output I've heard in a while. I hope completing the work helped with achieving release.

Forgive this prosaic question, but:
I'm down in Cape Town so I'm not likely to attend a gig too soon. Do you have any channels through which I can order t-shirts?

Survivalist said...

Nick, i'm trying to work something out so people who're unlikely to ever see us at one of our three shows a year can buy shirts through a reliable mail order company that won't rip us off

NickH said...

Ok Andrew, thanks for the information, much appreciated - I'll stay tuned for further developments.

Also thank you for your piece on Peter Christopherson's importance to you as an admirer & artist: heartfelt & a great incentive to dive deeper into his career.
In all honesty (as a 90s teen), I first discovered Coil, and the likes of JG Thirlwell, through their damn amazing remixes for Trent Reznor. How did you feel about those particular collaborations, interested or nonplussed

Survivalist said...

at the time i eagerly shoplifted a copy of that CD entirely because of the remixes on it.

I revisited them recently (within the last five years) and was less enamoured with them when i was a teenager in the early 90s.

I have no problem with people discovering other artists and genres because someone more famous champions them; back in the day (warning, old man moment coming on) i used to occasionally buy records based on who thanked them on their albums or wore their shirts in promo photos. It's almost the same thing.

NickH said...

Ha ha, "senior moments" are perfectly fine with me!

I did the same thing often; at the very least, it's handy for mental notes on what music to investigate. I liked SA's Groinchurn well enough... but I'm pretty chuffed that people from my corner of the world played with/got liner shout-outs from the likes of Dying Fetus, Nasum, Cattlepress, ExBx etc.
Years back I read kind online words by Uffe Cederlund on Cursed's "I" - followed the lead to find one of the best heavy debuts I've ever heard.

RE: Coil remixing Nine Inch Nails - fair enough. The result of those collaborations that still impresses me the most is the "closer (precursor)" mix, as it was married perfectly to a thriller that was important to me, Fincher's "Se7en." [Howard Shore's score was also damned effective]

PS. I see some of your recent sonic sculpting has returned you to various works by Justin KB. Did you enjoy his Greymachine release with Aaron Turner?

Survivalist said...

I liked the Greymachine 2xLP a lot; more than i've liked anything by Broadrick in a long time actually. I enjoyed the JK Flesh 2xLP as well.