Sunday, December 23, 2012


Things that are happening next year, none of the records have believable release dates:

Column of Heaven/ Radioactive Vomit split 7". Both sides recorded, awaiting mastering and art.

Column of Heaven - Holy Things are for the Holy (We Have Seen the True Light) 7". Recorded, being mastered, artwork being done now. Not power violence. Not noise.

Column of Heaven/ Suffering Luna split LP. I think they've almost finished their side, i've written most of our side. Ideally recording before March.

Column of Heaven - Allfather LP. Second full length. 24 songs, high falutin' ideas again. Framework mostly mapped out. To be recorded in the latter half of the year. Set to be 2013's most over rated pile of pretentious bullshit. There's no such thing as power violence anyway. It's too metal. Noise is stupid. Etc.

Pick Your Side/ To The Point split 10". Recorded our side a few months back, not sure what's going on with anything else with this record.

There's some other Pick Your Side recordings being planned, but i don't call those shots.


Jan 19th Baltimore. Pick Your Side, Left for Dead, Despise You, a million other bands. At Ottobar.

Jan 25th Toronto. Column of Heaven, Water Torture, Spearhead, Dead Church. At Polyhaus.

In March Column of Heaven are starting in Vancouver and finishing somewhere in Southern California two weeks later. Details forthcoming.

April 4th Montreal. Column of Heaven, Iron Lung.

April 5th Ottawa. Column of Heaven, Iron Lung.

April 6th Toronto. Column of Heaven, Iron Lung, Farang, SHIT.

May 24th Montreal. Pick Your Side, Integrity.

May 25th Toronto. Pick Your Side, Integrity. At Wrong Bar.

If i lose my current meal ticket in the new year Column of Heaven will tour again in the summer in the eastern US and maybe the mid-west. If not, sorry, i'll be working.

Maybe one or two local shows for Column of Heaven toward the end of the year, probably nothing else.

No shows in South Africa, Florida, Calgary, Brighton, Dundee or a Slovenian fishing village in 2013. Sorry. Fuck you. Sorry, sorry, you are like my brother. Fuck you, sorry, sorry. Fuck you. (No shows in Poland ever again for any band i'm in)


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Lukasz Lipski said...

Poland, worst place to play - Lipek

NickH said...

Oh really..? Well, fuck you from you from the home of former early 90s Napalm Death-targets & a diluted, underachieving ANC!

Heh heh, enough of that. All the very Best for the coming year Andrew - sounds frenetic and unyielding, I'll keep the senses peeled for the new outpourings.

*IF you ever find a decent means of sending CoH tshirts to the great-deprived like myself, please put the info up here.