Thursday, February 21, 2013

useless trinkets and baubles

shit that we'll have on tour with us:

art by Vrugarth

Long sleeve, art by Szymon

Shirt by Szymon

Coloniser - Macaulayism. Four song tape.

The first noise release i haven't sacrificed to Column of Heaven in a few years now. Though it did start life as a potential CoH recording.

Slow Light - Demo tape 2013.

Eric explores what crasher d beat bands sound like in his cracked brain. All drums and vocals. All noise made by some stupid drum sleight of mind.

Influences: Gloom, Cherry Point, D-Clone, The Rita, weird IPAs, SCIENCE!

Godstopper volume one. It's a zine/ comic. God knows what Mike has come up with.

Chromium Dioxide issue 5.

Ride at Dawn - Blast Cage. New tape/ LP. 18 minutes of fuck off. New line up, best material yet.

A new Abyss tape in some form or another.

Absolut - Demo tape 2013.

Three of Slaughter Strike are in Column of Heaven. The other main guy from Slaughter Strike that isn't in CoH is Joel, this is his band. Ex Midnight, Left for Dead, and whatever else Joel has done.

Possibly my favourite new band. Better than the last fake Burning Spirits/ Raw Noise Anime Hiking Furry Punk 4 Life bullshit you were recommended by someone from New York on the VLV board.


pentagrimes said...

It's likely that a balding Irishman with a beard and glasses will hand you money for several of these items once you get to Montreal.That "Spider Baby" long sleeve in particular.

I've got my own personal shopper now. I'm awesome.