Thursday, August 7, 2014

"it's all about unconditional love"

Things that have happened this year now that we're 3/4s of the way through it.

Wolves of Heaven/ Nyodene D tape on Survivalist came and went fairly quickly in May. There's a vinyl repress coming via Anthems of the Undesirable, test pressings have been approved.

Three songs on Aaron's side, two on mine. My side deals with possession, sacrifice, and the eternal quest for knowledge. The opening segments were recorded in a state of total delirium that left me mostly bed bound and unable to eat for two weeks twenty fours after asking the universe for a path to become clear. Be careful what you wish for…

Column of Heaven - Precipice tape on Survivalist also came and went fairly quickly in May. Most of the material on that tape will be on the Suffering Luna split LP that will come out some day; i need to find the time to remix it slightly and fix the edit. It's Simpson's last recording with us.

I'll post more about it when the record finally comes out, but the tape version is called Precipice because rather than the usual "hey man, check it, here's some stuff about Thee Void" i was more interested in the thing that gets you into that void; the thing you either lean over and gaze into the abyss from, or alternately the thing you either willingly throw yourself from or accidentally fall from into that void.

Our side of Gas Chamber split 7" is written, but not close to the recording stage yet, not sure where those guys are at.

Not much else, lots of ideas, very little time to realize them.

A book: Liz Worth - PostApoc
A record: Clipping - CLPPNG
A film: Under the Skin