Sunday, November 22, 2015

Scalp Elevator/ Intensive Care/ Column of Heaven

New Scalp Elevator tape, Reenactment, out now on New Forces. Junk metal abuse.

Intensive Care - Pay Pig tape out on Survivalist sometime around the end of the year, the recording is complete, my first post-Column of Heaven music. A handful of live shows in Toronto and the US are planned for 2016.

I approved the test pressing for the Column of Heaven/ Suffering Luna split LP back in May or June, out in time for the next power violence revival, scheduled to hit sometime around 2023.


Anonymous said...

Great news about your new band...look forward to hearing it! Any comment on what it sounds like?!

Survivalist said...

You'll hear it soon enough, it sounds like a continuation of some previous work, but minus any traces of hardcore or grindcore.


Does it sound like a moose farting on a vintage analog synth in hell? DOES IT SOUND LIKE YOUR BUTT???

Survivalist said...

Thanks Doug. Total svpport.