Friday, June 16, 2017


Voyeurism 12" available now from Anthems of the Undesirable and Divergent Series.

There are two broad thrusts to this release, the first is that art that attempts to depict an honest social reality through suffering and poverty is exploitation, no different from any other type of exploitation, and in attempting to portray a version of truth the artist only obscures their motivations of capitalizing on other's existences.

The second aspect is that artists whose alienation is realized through lazy nihilism do not have any great insight into the human condition and would do well to remember that their gaze is returned.

As a society we demand the poor and oppressed display their humanity and shame for us in order to be redeemed through pity, distanced socially conscious art is one mechanism that supports this way of thinking.

Opinions are like assholes, as always I remain open to discussion of the nuances and grey areas via e mail.

Sublimation is our track on the Iron Lung Mix Tape Volume 3, i think we decided we wouldn't rerecord it for anything else. You can have our song for free if you like.