Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blockade/ Agoraphobic Nosebleed split 7" out now

It's true, after giving up much hope of this ever coming out it's finally available here. Please do us a favour and demand clear vinyl.

When we finished recording Primitive we felt that it was slightly too long for our intentions so we decided to cut several tracks from the running order.

At the time we were also avoiding Scott Hull's request to be involved in what became This Comp Kills Fascists. Comps in 2009 are all complete fucking garbage, hence our refusal to do them ever again. Anyway, we offered six songs from the Primitive sessions up for a split with Agoraphobic Nosebleed as a compromise.

It's pretty much cut from the same cloth as Primitive and the song Phantom was lyrically intended as a companion piece to Do Not Resuscitate on Primitive.

Mick Harris does vocals on one song and the art was done by Mike Diana, here's his explanation of an early version of the image:

"Hi Andrew, Here is a sketch I did, was thinking a giant flying skull that has a face of manson with X carved in forhead. Its a giant skull so lots of people are in the mouth,nose hanging on, he is not eating them but saving people from the flames in the city below. "

And here's a picture of me swanning about my apartment drunk off my ass with the original artwork:


saxon said...

Do you have any of the endless blockade / hatred surge 12"s? I am looking for one and was told to contact you.

Survivalist said...

it's still in print:

pick up the Mudlark LP and 7" at the same time