Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Michal Majewski

Shit, how to even write this? How does a life hating misanthrope even begin to mark the passing of a friend?

Well, basically it’s not how important you think you are that matters, it’s the effect you have on other people’s lives and opinions that make you important.

Artist, musician, non-jaded ardent supporter of DIY grindcore as a true artistic current, nature lover, total bad ass and a guy who made some mean fucking pirogues that i drunkenly scoffed in the back of the van on the way home from a great show in Peterborough once. Actually, his mother may have made them but that isn’t the point here, they were great and i got them from him.

Mike was an early and enthusiastic supporter of The Endless Blockade since day one and had a genuine commitment to the underground Network of Friends ideals that have largely died out in most of the world this decade. There’s been someone who’s asked me if i know Mike from Oshawa pretty much anywhere i’ve been in the world with Blockade.

Mike fully understood that local scenes are all connected and that strengthening your own part of the world has a knock on effect. The larger movement is made of smaller localised scenes.

Anyway, Mike’s death is a loss to the Southern Ontario scene, the Canadian scene and the world scene. Mike’s death is also a loss to many people, me included, that considered him a good friend.