Thursday, November 11, 2010

another one from ancient history

Fuck, i haven't heard this in forever.

I wrote about Ebola last year and posted the 7" we recorded here.

The internet is failing me today and i'm unable to find a picture of me when twenty two and much skinnier/ less crushed by life as i was in this band. Actually, i was probably more crushed by life than i am these days but what ever.

During the recording of this LP i had pnuemonia and could barely breathe. I'd also worked night shift for the entire week before (and the entire week after). Daylight hours were about 9:30am until 3pm at that time of year in Newcastle (if it got light at all). Consequently as my weekend off was spent in a windowless studio i didn't see any natural light for two weeks and basically felt like killing myself. All great stuff to pile on top of my clincally depressed younger self; i think my grandfather would've called it character building.

Anyway, the only Ebola full length, recorded back in 1995. Probably the most 'tuneful' thing i've ever been a part of.

And this is exactly what download blogs should be for, not "for review purposes only" new releases


Anonymous said...

Capitalist Casualties meets Catheter (or whatever those grind vocals sound like) with a shake of Oi Polloi. At least that's what the 7" reminded me of.

Survivalist said...

Oi Polloi, oh man...